Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Importance Of Quality Foods

The other day I mentioned "Hormones" and how they relate to the fat burning process.

How we as women possess hormones which can naturally boost our fat burning potential (we actually have twice as much as a man). Or --because of common daily factors -- we can unwittingly trigger hormones to work against our health goals. Making it next to impossible to lose that belly.

As I've mentioned, the triggering of the "fat storing" hormones is generally caused by daily stress.

Well the bad news is:

Those same hormones which slow down our metabolism can also caused by man-made processed chemicals found in our food.

This is why I always recommend doing most of your grocery shopping on the outer aisles of the grocery store. A good rule of thumb is about 80% of the food you buy should be from those outer aisles.

With that said, with the ebb and flow of daily life, it's near impossible to make sure you're never eating processed foods. It can be too restrictive. Too stressful. And, if you go out with friends I don't want you to worry if what you're eating is processed.

On the flip side I also don't want you to worry that what you eat is negating all your health efforts.

Which is why it's vitally important to take a small, simple, daily action to gain powerful "nutritional insurance".

One which flushes out the swirl of nasty fat storing toxins in your body.

Plus one which vanquishes hunger pains and gives you an incredible boost of energy.

I'm talking about Yoga Burn family favorite - what I call the "must have"...organic greens.

My nutritional insurance go to

Organifi is a delicious little greens drink packed full of... potent belly trimming, mental clarity boosting, anti-aging ingredients.

In fact organic food boosts your number one fat burning hormone by up to 27% and it will flush out the nasty toxins which make you hungry, tired and even those which could lead to disease.

Plus, if you do happen to eat processed foods, Organifi is a great way to prevent those chemicals from triggering your fat storing hormones.

I generally take it first thing in the morning. I find it gives you a nice energy boost.

And I know if I do go out and eat something that contains chemicals which trigger fat-storing hormones... Organic foods have me covered. Just like it will for you.

If you want to find out more about this marvelous little "miracle elixir" then click the link below now.

==> Your Ultimate "Nutritional Insurance" Plan

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