Thursday, May 26, 2016

Music and Meditation

"Cause I'm on top of the world, ay"
I love this song. 

It's by the popular group "Imagine Dragons."

The song has a great message. 

The message being... how taking shortcuts often gets us nowhere. Yet when we trust in the process and keep going, we get to where we want.

It could be in many aspects of our life. 

Maybe a relationship. Maybe mastering a challenging Yoga pose. Maybe losing that little bit of stubborn belly fat to look stunning in your new bathing suit.

Whatever or wherever your journey is going, this fun song celebrates the journey. It celebrates overcoming obstacles and embracing special moments on the way.

The song has a message of "everything is going to be OK." Where we can handle it.

I like it.

Because - you can handle it. 

There have been plenty of times in your life where you faced difficulty and you handled it. You came out on the other side. You're still here. YOU handled it.

Well I find taking daily little actions, ones which are easy and simple, are going to be your best friend in your journey. 

One of them is Meditation.

As I'm sure you're now realizing, or hopefully so, there is no denying the physical and mental benefits of meditation.

I often recommend: Start your day with, or finish your day with, a good Meditation Flow.

It will open the doors in ways you never thought possible. Actually, it will open the positive floodgates of powerful change. 

If you want to feel on top of the world more often...

Just follow my course and practice yoga the right way!

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